The 2023 r/place Atlas

This is an interactive map aiming to chart all the artworks created during the r/place April Fools event on Reddit in 2023. It is made with information to each artwork of the canvas provided by the community.

The original code was developed by Roland Rytz and is available under the free AGPL license on GitHub.

The currently maintained version of the website is managed by Place Atlas Initiative, led by Stefano Haagmans and is obtainable under the same license within a GitHub fork.

Read more about the project from the announcement on Reddit.

Maintaining and updating the website takes work, but I enjoy doing it for free and giving this to people. But if you would like to support me, or the people who helped me with contributions to this project. You're free to support us though PayPal, Patreon, or Ko-Fi.

To maintain the same tradition, I will also be offering stickers to anyone donating more then 20$ (Due to the size increase). But, you're not forced to do anything! This only shows appreciation to us and the people who've worked on this project

Roland Rytz worked on the Atlas full-time (and more!) for over two weeks during the 2017 r/place event. If you'd like to support Roland, you can do so by PayPal. If you donate more than 10(€/$/CHF/mBTC), He'll (hopefully) send you a nice sticker of the 2017 Place canvas!


This project is open source, and contributions are welcome. In fact, the Atlas relies on user contributions.

To contribute a label for an artwork, please read the contributing guide to learn how to submit a new entry, edit existing entries, or contribute to the development of the codebase.

The r/placeAtlas2023 subreddit and the Discord server is also the place to submit all bug reports, feature requests, or questions.


Project Contributors

This section is focused towards the project development as a whole, excluding entry contributions, but including, and not limited to, code contributions, toolset, documentation, etc.

  • Place Atlas Initiative is the primary maintainer of the project. Please see the Team section for the current list.
  • All contributors of this repository are listed on the Contributors page on GitHub. The Contributors section with All Contributors spec is also available on the README.
  • Thank you to those who are contributing in other channels, such as Discord and Reddit (such as reporting bugs), and those who have supported the project in general.
  • Thank you to The Final Clean community (Pixel Janitors) for "The Final Clean" canvas.
  • Thank you to Alex Tsernoh for providing the initial canvas images.

Entry Contributors

The 2023 Atlas would not have been possible without the help of our entry contributors.

Thank you to everyone who submitted new entries and amended existing ones.


If you're press, a influencer or anything media connected, or you would like to use the Atlas in one. Please contact us beforehand through:

If you need to contact me regarding anything else, you can reach me through:

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Current 2023 Atlas Maintainers:


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